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The lunar New Year falls on 28 January this year.  It starts the reign of the Rooster, the 10th animal in the Chinese zodiac.  As I have been doing for many years, I will fold an origami of the zodiac animal for an e-card to celebrate the occasion.  Being partial towards complex origami, I am rather fond of the roosters created by Eric Joisel and Miyajima Noburu, the former known affectionately as Joisel’s prodigious coq among origami folders.  But I came across the model designed by Satoshi and decided to fold it instead.


Rooster by Satoshi Kamiya

It is well proportioned, and has a nice comb, wattle and tail feathers.

I also folded another rooster, this one designed by Chinese artist Mi Wu.  I liked it for the clean finish and colour change.  So here’s it.


Rooster by Mi Wu

Wishing all a happy year of the Rooster!

Origami notes:

  1. Rooster by Satoshi Kamiya from Origami Tanteidan Convention Book Vol 19.  Folded from 1 piece of embossed paper 20 inches square.  Finished length 6.5 inches.
  2. Rooster by Mi Wu from Chinese New Year Origami 2017 ebook.  Folded from 12 inch square embossed paper sandwiched with red origami paper.  Finished length 6 inches.