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The lunar new year is again round the corner.  This year, it falls on 5 Feb.  It will be the Year of the Pig according to the Chinese zodiac calendar.  The Chinese zodiac calendar follows a cycle of 12 years, and the pig is the last animal of the cycle.  Contrary to popular image, the pig in Chinese mythology is supposed to be a hardworking animal.  With chubby faces and big ears, they are supposed to be a symbol of fortune.  Those born under this sign are supposed to be energetic and realistic.



* Design by Ronald Koh * Photography by Pek Wan Sze


As I have been doing for many years, I again had to choose an origami design to fold to make a Chinese New Year e-card.  Pigs with wings seem to be a popular creature in origami circles, perhaps to show that the design could be done and in contradiction to the popular expression “Pigs can’t fly”.  I decided to keep my origami pig well grounded and chose the design by Ronald Koh, which I think is well-proportioned and brings out well the chubbiness and likability of the pig.  My daughter conceptualised the photo depict the pig sniffing around curiously.

Happy New Year!

* Origami note : Pig designed by Ronald Koh; folded from embossed paper of 12 inch (30 cm) square.  Finished length 4 inches (10 cm)