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With the recent upsurge of interest in the Olympic Games in Singapore following Joseph

Schooling’s victory, I thought I should do something origami-wise.  So here are the 5 Olympic rings:



The idea came from the origami Google doodle that was designed by Robert Lang to mark the 100th birth anniversary of Akira Yoshizawa, who is widely considered to be a pioneer of modern origami.  This was Lang’s origami Google doodle:




Jo Nakashima had also put up a series of origami letters on Youtube.  Based on his approach, I folded the Olympic name too.  I adjusted the typography and simplified the letters somewhat, using variable length paper to do away with the need to tuck unwanted paper away.  This is what I came up with:




Incidentally, as in Lang’s and Nakashima’s origami letters, each letter/ring has a thickness comprising a series of accordion folds which may not be so obvious from the photos.  So, till the next Olympic Games …..