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The lunar new year in 2018 fell on 16 Feb, ushering in the Year of the Dog.  As usual, I folded some origami dogs to mark the occasion, and to make an ecard for Chinese New Year.  Origami-wise, the folder is spoilt for choice when it comes to dogs.  So came the task of narrowing down my choices.

More than a decade ago, my family adopted a pair of dogs that were abandoned at a pet hotel.  One was a golden retriever and the other a bull terrier.  They have since passed on, but it is a natural choice to want to fold these 2 dogs in their memory.  I had folded a retriever by Satoshi Kamiya before, so that became one choice.  I had difficulties finding a design of a bull terrier that I liked, so I decided to adapt a terrier designed by Roman Diaz.  So here is the outcome.


Golden retriever by Satoshi Kamiya, bull terrier by Roman Diaz.  Photograph by Pek Wan Sze


Being spoilt for choice, I decided to fold a few more designs.  It was a tough choice, so in the end I settled for another two.  The first is a cocker spaniel again designed by Satoshi.  I particularly like its upturned head.


Cocker spaniel by Satoshi Kamiya

The other dog that I chose in the end is a cute papillon designed by Hideo Komatsu, shown here.


Papillon by Hideo Komatsu

I also folded some simple puppies for a project (which will be the subject of another post), here’s the preview.


So a big bow-wow for the lunar new year!

Origami notes :

  1. Golden retriever designed by Satoshi Kamiya.  Works of Satoshi Kamiya Vol 2.  Folded from 80 gsm paper; 25 cm square, finished size 14 cm.
  2. Bull terrier.  Adapted from design of fox terrier by Roman Diaz.  Origami for Interpreters.  Folded from embossed paper; 25 cm square, finished size 13 cm.
  3. Cocker spaniel designed by Satoshi Kamiya.  Origami Tanteidan Magazine no. 127.  Folded from 110 gsm art paper; 25 cm square, finished size 10 cm.
  4. Papillon designed by Hideo Komatsu.  Works of Hideo Komatsu.  Folded from art paper; 25 (?) cm square, finished size 9 cm.
  5. Simple puppy.  Diagram from internet.