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My daughter celebrated her wedding recently.  So I of course marked the occasion with, among other things, origami.

The first origami that came to mind was the Waltz by Neal Elias.  She wanted one in white and gold, so this is the end result:


Waltz by Neal Elias

She also thought of spicing up her hand bouquets and boutonnieres with origami, and in the end we decided on a butterfly.  We chose a butterfly featured on Julia Aston’s blog.  The model was chosen for its elegance and simplicity.


Butterfly by Julia Aston

You can see it on this boutonniere.


Boutonniere with butterfly by Julia Aston

My secret project for the newly-weds was a board with their names emblazoned on it.  I had previously folded individual alphabets created by Natan Lopez, and also the “LOVE” sign folded from one piece of paper.


LOVE by Natan Lopez

His is a 3-D design, and I thought it would be cool to use his alphabet to create the sign.  It proved to be an arduous task.  This is the eventual result:


Individual letters designed by Natan Lopez

I also re-visited a model that my daughter liked a lot, which is a fish skeleton designed by Makoto Yamaguchi.  For some reason, she has always been fascinated by fish skeletons.  I re-modeled the look of the skeleton and this is the result:


Fish skeleton designed by Makoto Yamaguchi

I’m happy to say that this is now prominently displayed in their new home.

It was a great wedding, and it is good that origami featured in it.