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I recently folded 2 figures – a Lady and a Tramp.  Both are box-pleated models.  The Lady strikes an elegant pose, while the tramp looks lively and quirky.

The Lady is designed by Nguyen Nguyen Thong, and can be found it VOG2 in the Passion Origami Collection.  It is a 32 x 32 box pleat.  This is the model:

ladyThe Lady designed by Nguyen Nguyen Thong

The Tramp is a dwarf designed by Eric Joisel.  The CP is available in Eric Joisel : The Magician of Origami.  It is a 28 x 28 box pleated model.

The dwarf by Eric Joisel

The dwarf by Eric Joisel

I look forward to folding the musicians designed in a similar vein as the dwarf, though it will be quite a challenge (to me at least).