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I am partial to horses, since I am born under that Chinese zodiac sign.  To prepare for the Year of the Horse, I reprised the origami horses I folded before.  One of the earlier ones was Anibal Voyer’s horse, since diagrams were then hard to come by and this one was available on the internet.  And it was good.  Since then, another model I came to like was Issei Yoshino’s horse with its majestic pose, reminding me of a Tang dynasty ceramic horse.

For the upcoming new year, I have been re-folding some of the models I liked.  One of them is the design by Hideo Komatsu, which I portrayed in fiery Chinese New Year red.


Horse designed by Hideo Komatsu

And for an ecard I planned to make, I decided to fold a tableau of horses based on Roman Diaz’s design.  Here’s the outcome:

Designed by Roman Diaz

Designed by Roman Diaz

In the days leading up to the Chinese New Year, I worked with a local production house which was producing a stop-motion video for a client to mark the festive season.  Here’s a link to the video, courtesy of the production house.


(Click on the picture to view video)

Happy New Year!