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I made the Origami Magic Ball a few years ago.  I recently chanced upon it in YouTube and decided to make this model again.  It is a design attributed to Kade Chan.

The Origami Magic Ball is made from a 2 x 1 rectangle.  Many of the YouTube tutorials choose a 32 x 8 grid to start with, but the crease pattern I had from years ago used a 40 x 10 grid.  I tried both, and prefer the ball made from the 40 x 10 grid as it makes a rounder ball with more details.  You can see the difference in the two pictures below.  For a beginner, it may be easier to start with a 32 x 8 grid as it is easier to pre-crease the grid.  This is a PDF file of a 40 x 10 grid.

magic ball grid1

The two Magic Origami Balls are shown in the pictures below.


Origami Magic Ball – 8 levels/ Designed by Yuri Shumakov


Origami Magic Ball – 10 levels/ Designed by Yuri Shumakov

Since the tutorials are easily available on the internet, I will not repeat any instructions here.  Suffice to say that the creases must be accurate to achieve a regularly-shaped ball.  I used thick paper rather than card, as paper is easier to pre-crease and there’s lots of it to do.  But you do need to use stiff paper so that the ball can retain its shape.

Have fun!