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I am starting this blog to share my origami journey.  A few days ago, I saw a one-piece gift box with lid that was shared by Anine Christensen in the Origami list.  (Video link here).  It was an elegant design.  Intrigued, I did some reverse engineering.  From the video, the 45 degree lines that made up the twist that will put the lid in place were clearly shown.   Some lines were added to make the overhanging lid.  Twist folds were added at the bottom to make the base.  The final box can be seen below.

box with lid on

This view shows the box when it is open.  The diagonal folds can be seen from this.

This is a view of the inside of the box.

For those who like a crease pattern of the box, please click  Box with lid.  To fold the box, start with the base part tucked inside the box and slowly tease the 45 degree pieces out.  Also, if you examine the video, you can see additional lines added to the 45 degree twists near the lid.  Add these on to facilitate opening and closing the box.